here's how to Vend at CYB3R 3SCAP3 Flea Market!

Contact us (through Instagram DM @cyb3r.3scap3, email at, or through our contact form below) and in return, we will link you to a Google form where you will fill out your name, bio, and photos of yourself (if you feel comfortable to). You will also upload photos of the 3-5 products (products can have multiple quantities!) you’re going to sell, along with their description, price, estimated weight (for depop to calculate shipping cost) and time it will take you to ship.

CYB3R 3SCAP3 does charge a fee of 20 cents per product you plan on selling. This donation helps us a long way to keep running. Since there is a maximum of 5 products per artist, this fee will only come out to $1 at most. 


during the flea market week, each day will consist of us emailing you transaction receipts of your products that have sold, and sending you your profits through paypal or venmo.

Please be aware that depop does take a 10% transaction fee (10% of the item's sold price PLUS calculated shipping cost), so feel free to adjust your item's prices accordingly when taking this fee into account!


You will be responsible for shipping your item out to the buyer. Once you have shipped the item, PLEASE LET US KNOW so we are aware the customer will be receiving their package. The buyer will pay the cost of shipping (shipping price varies) when purchasing your item.

However! iF YOU WANTED TO GET A BOOTH AT A IRL SHOW, contact us through instagram or down below and there will be no fee charged. You do however, need to be vaccinated to protect yourself and those around you.

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