Every other month, we host a virtual flea market through our website and depop page. visual artists sign up using our vendor form (visit our V3ND page to learn more about signing up), and we promote them throughout the month on our Instagram, youtube and tik tok pages. Artists will be charged a small fee of 20 cents per product they plan on selling (not including multiple quantities, meaning if one product has a quantity of 5, you still only need to pay 20 cents, not $1) as this small donation helps us continue running. Before, we used etsy for many of our sales however now we have moved on to depop as it transfers the payments faster. After each market day, vendors should expect getting an email of sold items and their daily profit from it.


On the first day of the virtual flea market, all products each artist plans on selling will be posted on the cyb3r 3scap3 depop page. We will also post the products on our website linking to the depop listings. These listings will be found under our "SHOP BY ARTIST" page that will go up at the day of the market — so customers are able to shop by their favorite artists directly.. Each artist’s page on our website will include their personal photos (if they so chose to) and bio so that customers can get a more personal relationship to who the artists are. 

Please be aware that depop does take a 10% transaction fee (10% of the item's sold price PLUS calculated shipping cost), so artists may adjust their prices accordingly when taking this fee into account! We understand that this cut is bigger from etsys however the payment time is much faster and is less confusing for all of us. 


Each virtual market will last for one week. 

Artists can vend at more than one CYB3R 3SCAP3 virtual flea market — just not back to back. You can participate in every other market!

Artists/bands for IRL shows

Artists who wish to vend may have their own booth however each venue has a different vendor limits. There will be no fee taken from you. for bands, lineups as well can contain a variety of how many artists can play. usually bands can play around 4-5 songs and if wish to partake in vending for merch must notify cyb3r3scap3 beforehand as that immediately considers you a vendor as well. 



The artist is responsible for shipping each item to their customers. Once an item is sold, we will notify the artist and email them the shipping information for their customer. If there is a problem with shipping (for example, if your item is lost in the mail) and it is sent back to the return address, CYB3R 3SCAP3 will then contact the artist and make their best efforts to ensure your package arrives to you. since depop can be worldwide, CYB3R 3SCAP3 can ship wherever!. If you are further interested in custom designs or what future projects our artists will be divulging in, feel free to message us or the artist by checking out our Instagram, where all artists will be tagged in our posts!



After the flea market has ended, CYB3R 3SCAP3 adds each artist who participated in the market to our F3ATUR3D ARTISTS page on our website. This way, people can continue to find local artists through our website, even after their participation in a virtual flea market has ended. 


Our goal is to promote local artists financially and socially so they have a community to fall back on. 

If you would like to vend your art with a CYB3R 3SCAP3 virtual flea market, please visit our V3ND page to learn more!