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The Uhuruverse is a neurodivergent multi disciplinary artist whose audience is witnessing him learn in all the art he practices because he is untrained. He embodies art in every aspect of life and takes his supporters on the journey with him. He is currently navigating his mobility disabilty and seeks support in the form of accessibility. He is writing a new album to be released for his birthday February 20. Uhuru has released five solo albums and three albums with his bands: FUCK U PAY US (FUPU), Y.G.S.L.R.H.S.T.F.U.T. (You Guys Suck Like Real Hard Shut the Fuck Up Thanks) , and NASA (Negro Assasins Slaying Authority). He has directed two films under the artist collective he created in 2014, #SNATCHPOWER. He is curator of a Black SW Variety show "Black Widow", a domme bearing the name Master Satanas. He is a trans man who seeks to become a homeowner and residency host (see his project The Uhuru Dream House) on patreon and go fund me (link in his bio) and he is painting self portraits in his spare time ; gaining inspiration from Frida Kahlo doing so while bedbound. The Uhuruverse was displaced from Los Angeles for raising hell and now currently resides in New Orleans where he intends to do the same.


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