Hello! Welcome to Drip Caravan, my magic jewelry and art shop that floats around in cyber space <3 ✨🧚🏼‍♂️🌧 My name is Bjorn Rojas, I come from a background of sculpture and fashion, which ultimately lead me to combine the two into jewelry creation! I am fascinated by the whimsicality and majesty of nature, along with the art of mineral fabrication. I aim to create beautiful shiny objects for fellow fairies and the like to ornament themselves with! Every piece I make is one of a kind, but I do enjoy making series of designs in varying colors and styles, which you can find @dripcaravan on instagram! I seem to have wound up in a special spot in the clouds here at Cyb3r 3scap3! Seems like the perfect place for a Drip Drop!!✨ 📯🌧 Take a look around and enjoy! <3 ~@818valleygoblin👹


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